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Clash Of Clans | GEMMING TO MAX LEVEL!! Gemming Troops To Max Level In CoC 2016!

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  1. #Gemaral Tony


  3. +Clash Of Clans | General Tony
    new troop will be warden

  4. i think the new troop will be able to jump over walls and have you select a far away target but it wont do massive damage


  6. maybe the troop could be a kind of animal maybe that does 2x the damage every 5th hit maybe


  8. that musket from clash of royals!

  9. The free gems link doens't load. Whyyy?! ;((

  10. skull mage it's a red jelly dude

  11. The Destroyer

  12. gemarl tony

  13. general tony

  14. #gemeraltony

  15. hi

  16. i think it'll b dark rider

  17. Hey tony can you please make me a TH7 trophy base without barbarian king if you could I would love you forever+ great videos keep up the good work +ClashOfClans|GeneralTony

  18. I Think the new troops gonna be the Musketeer and she shoots metal balls and shes gonna be a dark elixir troop

  19. look at your subscribers and look at your viewers thats really poor than your subsccribers .. nd its beacause of your waywardness.

  20. Hey i want gift card plz general tomy plz

  21. i remember tony saying he wouldn't gem dark elixer.
    the good old times are gone i geus

  22. #GemeralTony


  24. #gemeral Tony

  25. #gemeraltony

  26. General Tony can I join your clan am still new town hall 9

  27. All hail the Gemeral!!

  28. Or maybe something that freezes troops…or maybe freezes everything fr a lil while….beats me

  29. #theonlygemeraltony


  31. #gemarel

  32. R.I.P GOLLUM

  33. #Gemmeral_Tony

  34. It's Would Be a Lil Dragon ¿

  35. what is ur email and password for cash for apps

  36. It takes only click from the viewer but it helps out the youtuber a lot. So i think whether you liked it or not, give it up for tony ^_^

  37. Gemeral Tony

  38. #gemeral tony :3

  39. #GemeralTony

  40. The Buccaneer

  41. a knight

  42. you suck at playing the game thats why you gem everything…gemmer tony….noob tony

  43. A troop that can attack gem boxes

  44. #gemaral tony

  45. #gemeral tony

  46. Can u plz give a shout out to my clan sausage empire I'm looking for members for war but only have 5

  47. spring traps don't work on valkaries

  48. android

  49. warden?

  50. upgrade your king and queen