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Clash Of Clans | GET FREE UBER RIDES | Clone Dragon Attacks !!!

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  1. Thanks for that Daddy! i think:)

  2. Great video daddy your videos are amazing

  3. daddy…. still alive???

  4. Yeah nice job daddy im miss your videos

  5. Daddy can you share a good th 9 farming base?

  6. u should make an ASMR channel

  7. mate, the spring traps at 16 capacity can get rid of 2 valks, but at 15 cap only 1, thats why lvl 2 spring traps are much better then 1, thats my opinion at least

  8. I've heard most youtubers use reflector to record their screens. Do you do that?

  9. Really miss your videos, something nostalgic about your content from one farmer to another.

  10. Hey Daddy, I know you can't respond on this comment, you've grown to big lol! I don't know if you actually remember me lol! I just wanted to say: keep up the good work! I quit COC myself but seems like you're still rocking the game lol! Cheers

  11. Hi daddy, nice video! what do you think of the now troops?

  12. these videos are better than anything I'd likely to be able to produce man ?

  13. Why didn't u finish the sneak peaks?

  14. Haha my little cousins are at a cubs camp at the moment too :)

  15. fist me Daddy

  16. bad game i do not love it

  17. second

  18. Nice video daddy

  19. .

  20. first