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Clash Of Clans – GET TRAPPED MONIE TROLL!!! (Thanks giving edition)

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  1. Dead experimental trail bar broken play mistake contact

  2. love the intro

  3. godson i dont if u will read this or not but if u put a healer in ur clan castle it will go to the heros and heal them but thats not the only things that will be healed the healer will heal the buildings to i found this out in a raid if u want to see the replay the clan tag is #2Y2P2Q8BU

  4. Anf do you now fernanfloo

  5. godson do you talk spanish?

  6. ha ha

  7. Shall slave Russian child sick

  8. Godson you have the funniest intros!

  9. godson you should probably put the link to your outro song. You need to give credit to the creator of that song.

  10. Oh, shit, that gob from intro coming again… RIP godson?

  11. All I gotta say is lol

  12. My mom ate ur dad


  14. OMG GODSON I SEEN YOU btw you are crystal league 1 not 2

  15. let me be in your clan mi name is sportman clash of clans your clan is full

  16. That intro though ???

  17. Money*

  18. Number 100

  19. i all so play clash of clans what clan you in im in ra£gang

  20. Negative producer incentive work oxygen

  21. Portfolio pan cite mrxnib manner occupy definition home peel.

  22. The outro was perfect XDXD


  24. dude you spelt money wrong

  25. NICEEE

  26. Hi

  27. hi

  28. ههههههههههههه

  29. number 1

  30. Godson give up already or play more clash royale cause now you just seem like a washed up clash of clans player

  31. Yeeeeeaaahhh ,,,,!!!

  32. godson love ur video cn uh just letme enter ur clan i am th 9 my name is ash

  33. научись говорить по руский пидар

  34. +Godson


  36. The second one is an Arabian

  37. that last guy, for sure is bot