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Clash Of Clans | Getting Banned? Why Does XMOD Still EXIST? Hacking COC?

Let’s chat about how XMOD needs to be gotten rid of and how Supercell isn’t playing fair with their Clash Of Clans “Fair Play”! Last Weeks Enticing Clash Of …


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  1. yo how are you ion? how is YouTube for you?

  2. yay. top secret channel stays!!!

  3. if he responds ima die

  4. supersell is going to take this video down because you did something good

  5. who tells me what his secret channel is is a legend

  6. im a ex modder since the update. if anyone knows it still works please tell me

  7. nice vid bro
    btw anyone join my clan its called the best lol the leader is duhh_rudddy and there should be a co named cookie assassin (me)

  8. What's the background song?!


  10. and i did it on a top players base and it did nothing

  11. but ion xmod dose not do any damage any more i tyed it with my friends base and nothing happened

  12. I used xmod last month and im not banned

  13. I have a legendary joke…

    Never mind you won't get it

  14. Nice desktop backround. Inspiring.

  15. Lol Supercell I can't believe them.

  16. +ION I found your "secret" channel and subed to it. I shall help it keep it a secret as i will not say what it is but if your smart enfough you will find it.

  17. ion you watch vanoss

  18. What about those ion clans? A few are still pushing strong, hence: IGX and IKX. IMX is a maybe. #CoolcatLivesMatter #VisitSomeTime #WeAreWaiting

  19. Legend says if you comment last ion won't reply back

  20. What's his "secret" channel

  21. Sin Cara botched the description again.

  22. It still on coc bc they have an anti notice thingy mod

  23. last time I was this early I was this early I was

  24. he lowkey sounds like Ion Cringe

  25. u do see that XMOD is Root System thing right?. Coc has no root system access

  26. Xmodgames is just a simulation it does not affect much for CoC and CR
    why does supercell wants to take it down?

  27. What are ION's channels?

  28. What channel ion?? Plz respond and tell me?