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Clash of Clans – GiBarch Strategy – Is it a GOOD FARMING STRATEGY After UPDATE?

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  1. nice videos i like them.

  2. nice

  3. Haha Nice video!

  4. great video, keep it up!

  5. You should do clan reviews. Like once a weak you join a clan from a comment or randomly and give us your opinion about the clan

  6. Hey if you want to join a clan please join MINE !!! We would really love someone with a th9 in our team…we already have one but 2 wwould be epic !!! Its THE GREAT KHANS we have 23 members and our clan tag is #9YJ8U2YL

    thank you and BTW nice video !!!

  7. I am a TH8,
    that's closing in.
    Now that TH's are storages it's kinda undermines armies of Giants, Archer, and Goblins.

    Now I want every inch of loot. So a go full scale.
    I'm not governed by elixir.
    Even if I reduce it to 800k,
    in the next 17 hours it's then 2mil, the 4mil ect.
    This happens so fast sometimes I actually have to raid with war troops just to slow it down, good on my part stronger troops=more gold and DE.

    But when I'm not have to do that I'd simply take.
    4 wall breakers, 8 wizards, 12 Giants, 100 archers.

    Some times I'll reduce the number of archers just to, put goblins, or anything I wanna throw into the mix for fun. I also bring with me 3 heals.

    With this team even B4 I began to be unable to contain my elixir flow had build my entire base, with it no one can stop me form any loot.

    I actually took this attack from someone who used it on me when I was just a fresh TH8….

  8. great video mate :)

  9. Awesome Video!

  10. Clash of Clans GiBarch Strategy "Is it a Good Farming Strategy After Update?" Can we hit 20+ Likes for more Strategies? SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!

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