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Clash of Clans – GoBarch Farming Attack Strategy! (TH11, TH10, and TH9 Farming Strategy)

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  1. In my opinion this takes to long to train without boosting I like HoBarch and HoGiBarch to farm I would only train this when Im sleeping or at school

  2. Is clash with ash mobile your channel?

  3. Come on, Ash. These th11 rushed bases can be at least 1-starred using max goblins. The only reason this strategy appears to succeed is because of your gemmed MAXED heroes. I've been hit with this army comp and it doesn't even get into my second layer of defenses. Why? Because my base isn't rushed. Not all of us have the benefit of gemming our heroes to max. In your case, given to you for free.

  4. Hi Ash Can u please tell me if my deck is good if not so I change something in it here it is giant archers goblins spear goblins bomber prince musketeer and fireball.

  5. Plz man do some strategy for TH8 Attacks

  6. Can this work with th8 too…?

  7. Awesome video man. Good work

  8. Always so informative and relaxed. Ash for coc president!

  9. nice video 🙂 btw what do you use for recording?


  11. Great videos !

  12. seems pretty efficient to do every 2 raids or so if i dont boost ofc, would definitely try this out when queen is maxed – 3 lvls to go! :D

  13. How significant do you think the lvl 5 giant to lvl 6 upgrade is compared to the lvl 5 archer to lvl 6 archer upgrade?

  14. 3rd!

  15. Again nice vid like always and the 2nd one

  16. hey 1st