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Clash of Clans | GoBarch Th11 Attack Strategy – INSANE 3 Star Attack by Warman (InTheDark) GoBarch

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  1. lol my friend got 3stared with that aswell

  2. ed your member include you very very insane th 11 max killed by gobarcher . awesomeeee !! love u bro very much

  3. Wow #GetRape HAHAAH

    Frenchfan always here

  4. GoBarch new meta confirmed

  5. Im trying this shit right now

  6. Wow W

  7. it's nice but u need the new heroe level 20 and only few players have it

  8. rofl!!! @ Ed when he talks about dick suckers lmao!!!! ps what a crazy way to loot while trophie pushing thx again ed for bring useful attacks unlike most other u tubers.

  9. please ed try barch on a war attack

  10. These are epic attacks!

  11. lolll??….ed you are the best????? <3

  12. I talked with Joshia and he said that I could join Quantum's Begin but then they higher the cups. Can you tell them to lower them again? Nice vid btw

  13. Crazy stuff

  14. sorry Ed but pat is #Titan1 atm:p

  15. Like usual the best always comes form this channel, ITD and QW. Keep it up Ed = )

  16. and for a moment i thought it was going to be a finish video cause of the title lol

  17. wow…. nice…

  18. What happened to jump spells. You said the two things you hate most in coc and I thought for certain I would here something about a jump spell. There were like no junk spells used in the making of this video.

  19. Warman is a BEAST! That's insane… Nice vid


  21. The Warden's passive ability is OP'd in this case for barch. It puts barbarians and archers HP in a No One-Shot kill range from incoming splash. Supercell will fix it. I don't think they expected barching to 3 star max th10s. Good informative video.

  22. 8:368:56 BEST PART LOLOL im weakkkk

  23. wtf ???

  24. ed i recorded my friend's defense replay which you will love it 😀 use it for next episode bro

  25. I do this all the time since I want to save elixir and use DE :). last night I got 92% vs max TH10.

  26. LMAO , good video Ed!!! MORE legend attack videos please!

  27. Holy shit…..gobarch?? wow what humiliation lol

  28. Pushing is soooo easy with this new shield, i believe they are going to change

  29. ed are you sick? you sound like you're sick lol

  30. lol spencer23$ does that always

  31. as always good content in this channel ?

  32. Dafuq!? Gorilla nuts to barch that high…good shit Ed

  33. wtf 3 stars with barchs

  34. Maybe Chief Pat can watch this and stop crying

  35. wtf very nice

  36. the best clash account on youtube by far!!