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Clash of Clans | GoBarch Th11 Attack Strategy – INSANE 3 Star Max Th11 Attack by Warman (InTheDark)

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  1. Hey! I like that! I tested it but we need grand warden for this attacks! more awesome videos like that! yeaah

  2. Hi Ed!
    More Warman-attacks for the people!!

  3. I am doing the same, I only have a level 10 warden but it still works, btw i am at 4200

  4. ???thx for these awesome attacks

  5. .

  6. .

  7. ок

  8. crazy stuff again
    nice vid

  9. pls more badass shit! Warman is a beast! It's new at yt

  10. QW looning ED ! im still waiting :D

  11. Very Good Channel ! Congratulations !! #Playhard


  13. Bro!! I would absolutely FAIL!! Lol, I that batch is not for this guy!

  14. More please! They are soo entertaining haha.

  15. но не знаю куда

  16. макс у меня видио бага я бы хотел его тебе прислать

  17. MOAR!!!! hail warman

  18. Hell yeah!! More barch!!

  19. Ed hola manco ?❤️nice vídeo men

  20. Это ахуенно!!! Никогда не мог подумать что можно луками взять 3зв. ч тх11)))

  21. does coc need some balancing or this dude himself is op?

  22. Найс, видео продолжай в том же духе :)

  23. Where are the guys who say that ITD "just" can do war 😀 insane raids…

  24. what amazing vídeos it you do, and amazing atacks, everytime i me inspiration moré with yours atacks + 1 sub ??

  25. 90% vieram do PlayHard

  26. Beleza ED, salve #PlayHard

  27. canal playhard

  28. Ohhh shit that was inspiring, maybe time to dust off the old barch and see if I can even manage to give someone a shield…

  29. kkkkkk of archers and top . ='D

  30. if you manage to get the archers to the middle and activate the warden its soo good. i would lose al my archers in the first 15 seconds of the raid

  31. Awesome!!!! i will also practice this.. please share more.

  32. ele falou portugues "Beleza noobs"

  33. now this is a bad ass attack! ?

  34. eai kkk vim pelo bruno kkk top seu canal

  35. kkk playhard nada

  36. welcome brazil

  37. warman is not human , lol

  38. clash with Ed ootko suomalainen?

  39. #playhard

  40. PlayHard send me ;)

  41. warman…..completely insane, love you guys, and the attacks Ed brings us each day…

  42. quem veio pelo playhard kkk