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Clash of Clans- Golavaloon Tutorial! Easy overpowered th9 3 star attack strategy!!

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  1. Yoo ima try this out, nice video mate xD Hey buddy would u like to do a clash collaboration video with me maybe? Dont have to just on a hunt lol

  2. Hey! Great video as always 🙂
    I heard you wanted to be in a clan war collaboration. Having a Twitter is a requirement in order to join so please create one soon if you would like to join the fun!

  3. nice strategy! I'm use too

  4. Hello, I'm from clan Delirium clan ID #2LUJPG8C. I've been following you for quite some time now. Your clash videos are great. We have been looking for a YouTuber that makes great videos on war. Our clan is currently on a 30 win war streak with a 106-11 record. I truly think we could help you get more subscribers if you are interested. We're a clan with a Great War strategy plan, looking for a YouTuber like yourself. Your welcomed to stay for one war or for good. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks

  5. great attack! just curious do you have an email or kik I can use to ask you a question in a PM?

  6. can you check out my channel pls

  7. James nice its smash

  8. James… Amazing…. Your strategy was great. your skill level was great. your explanation was easy to understand and just over the top. the attack was carried out extremely well. kudos to you James, you really have come a long way with this strategy!! ????

  9. can we get 25 likes?:D