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Clash Of Clans Gold 2 – Full DE OUT, what happened?

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  1. Where do you go climbing? In London?

  2. love these videos

  3. "In your face!" Hahaha made me laugh out loud! I like your philosophy on staying true to grinding and not going down the clash royale route – good for you ??

  4. So basically you call yourself on yt daddy because you have kids? :D

  5. How do you record clash of clans

  6. Nice vid daddy! Do you play on hunting for your base on sidekick's account?

  7. Daddy is the loot good in gold? Lots of dead bases?

  8. Hey Daddy! Good news! In the last maintenance break, Supercell fixed the bug that was causing dead bases to not appear. The loot is so much better again. Also, any tips for DE farming at th9? Thanks!

  9. Nice to see someone not so greedy with max heroes that puts de in the center of the base

  10. respect
    Hope I can join your clan th7

  11. loooool what a troll

  12. yeah I agree when you have kids you don't waste money on a game

  13. wow that's nice daddy sub to my channel daddy at Jadon maccormack

  14. love the vids

  15. I just found a dead base. It had 600k gold and elixir + 3k de. I just took a half of it. Oh i am master 1.

  16. Heyyyy

  17. hey Daddy,i hope you are having a wonderfull day!Hoe are you doing?Wow De out,hope i'ill find u.Nice video man :)

  18. 3rd

  19. what clan are you in

  20. Noob

  21. 2nd

  22. 1st