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Clash of Clans – GoVaBo Attack Strategy (NEW) with Bowler and Valkyrie for TH10 and TH11

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  1. At 200k DE you think that they would do more

  2. Recommended th9 army to attack th10?

  3. 100th like

  4. Good job!

  5. Wow, finally an actual attsck with the bowler. I've been waiting for so long for someone to do a video of this

  6. 10th lol ???(Join My Clan wizard power) it's lvl 5 and the Leader is ExceededFear (Me) ?

  7. So, did Supercell end up nerfing the Queen walk?

  8. i cant get the update pls help my?

  9. Good try! Valkyrie moves too fast and too fragile. l find it's difficult to make them survive in Th 10 and 11 attack.

  10. Im early so, nice vid ash,! Check out my clash royale vid right in my channel!

  11. Daym im early! Check out my clash royale vids here ash! Pls help me grooowww. Nice video ash, that is a pretty good strategy

  12. Great vid, ash! Thanks! :)

  13. second=)

  14. First