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Clash of Clans – GoVaBo TH11 Bowler Walk War Attack Strategy!

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  1. Cool strategy

  2. 6:16 " LEAFY IS HERE " ? ? LOL

  3. Thanks Ash for all the advice! IT would be great if you could post some videos for th8- th10 on GoVaHo and just show some pointers on it. It seems to be a ver effective strategy and would like to learn more from you. Thanks a lot! Also glad to see that you are back, I've been keeping you and your family in my prayers!

  4. great video! new sub

  5. nice vid keep up good work 😉 Hope u reply

  6. Y R all these ppl gemmers,just like the top players

  7. Make your intro longer that music is epic!!!

  8. Ash can you show th 9 pushing strategy to champion plz ? It will help me Alot

  9. it feels great and sexu

  10. bruh I'm like wow right now because I just attacked with 100 lightning spells! don't believe me? watch my previous video for proof and maybe like it thanks! I love you all!

  11. Im early, let me think of a joke…

    The new valkyries

  12. Ash I think your videos are great with great quality!!!??

  13. wow I've never been first before

  14. first