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Clash of Clans | “GOWIWI TH9 3 STAR WAR STRATEGY” | Best Attack Strategy For War And Pushing!?

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  1. post some gowilaloons strategy too dude! anyway thanks for the video. your voice sounds like jarred from drumeo! hihi!

  2. I would say that hybrid tactics are better then gowiwi

  3. Goho is best th9 attack strategy

  4. you sound like Neil goldstien from family guy, when was the last time another person touched your cock? get a life loser ?? your video sucked and you sound so lame

  5. good Vid bro
    I hope u to record part 2 of it
    waiting for it bro

  6. nice vid bro

  7. mikey mikey but can u evan 3 star lol nice vid love your

  8. Once again great vid sky could you check out my channel and give me some tips your my inspiration lol

  9. Gowiwi is not the best ground strategy… The best one is goho

  10. #Hype nice vid man