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Clash of Clans – GoWiWi with Hog Riders 3 Star TH9 War Attack Strategy

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  1. Ash. How can i send pictures of bases i make to you to get your opinion. Im trying to learn to base build for my clan. We dont have an anti 3 star base builder

  2. Haleliujah !!! Keep it Up Bro!!!

  3. is it work with the lower heroes lvl or not ???

  4. later

  5. wow very impressed. never tried that strategy

  6. Hey guys. Check out our clans new YT channel. We are a lvl 9 clan with a 50 war win streak. Fun videos of war attacks, strategies and funny videos

  7. Any hardcore th9 war clans if so plz reply with name of clan

  8. Nice video bro keep it up

  9. he says ?Balloons ^_^ lol

  10. Awesome I love it! Hey Ash could you do a video of th9 attacking (possibly 3 starring) th10 in war? I am closing in on maxing th9 and I get matched against decent level of th10 and don't know how to get a good attack on them.

  11. gg

  12. same

  13. Love it! Keep it up bro!

  14. hi I'm a fan