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  1. less bowlers less baby dragon save a poison for skeles maybe…

  2. PB what happened to never attacking on a corner??

  3. you should go try govaho and golaloon for th10s. it's so OP against them forget miners. mass attacks will be a thing in the past when this update comes hopefully. great videos btw. share em with the clan everytime you put a new one out!???

  4. over at greenseers. between the guys in are clan we just had our own ground vs. Air FC tournament #TEAMAIR

    It was a ton of fun alot of Air attacks that I haven't seen in awhile.

  5. Happens to the best of us PB

  6. woo powerbang love ur vids bro

  7. I love the way when baby drags attack elixir collectors it looks like the elixir inside is on fire.

  8. Wow that's fake I request to join ur clan like 15 min ago and y'all denied

  9. I use 1 golem 12 bowlers in hit squad and rush miners b4 hit squad is gone kinda quickly it smashes th10s

  10. I knew you would stream from my favorite attacking place, THE MIGHTY THRONE, lol

  11. Dont enter from corners pb

  12. I think the main problem was the heavy investment of 2 golems and 2 baby dragons in the kill team without getting much value and I think the reason was a non ideal entry point. The first attacks was around the edge and clearing the buildings took so long the 2 golems were already very damaged. On the second attack the problem was an xbow locking onto a golem really fast getting it down. Also I question if the baby dragons in the first attack were really needed because as far as I have seen it everything was tanked and 3 wizards would also have done the job but only faster and cheaper. Saving 1 golem on the kill squad would mean 6 more miners so they can kill buildings in one hit.

  13. Hey PB. In a war situation, who do you believe could have a better chance at a 3 star, or at least a higher percentage? A max th9 attacking up to a max th10, or a max th10 attacking up to a max th11?

  14. Thanks for showing fails PB. Makes us feel better. Is it just me or is it kind of tricky to monitor how miners are doing health wise in a raid? It's hard to figure out how many are left and their health. So I totally relate to that first attack.

  15. why are some fp clans
    with purple on their clan badge?

  16. ?

  17. (◣‿◢)

  18. hey PB , im going to th 10 what league sould i be in and what troop do i need to upgrade , ty

  19. More

  20. Can we get some lore th9 content?

  21. You know, I am so happy that Chief Pat, Galadad, Camarobro and the other 'big' youtubers stopped playing clash of clans.
    Finally the GOOD clash youtubers like PB, Ash, Clash Tutor and OH Gazette are getting the views and respect they deserve.
    Keep it up hombres. Clash on.

  22. Powerbang Can I Play 2 Account On 1 Device I m confused if I might get banned


  24. Seahawks!!!

  25. hey, power bang, another great video! I have a request. you've made lots of great videos on different attack strategies at different th levels and how construct the attacks to suit the base. I'd love to see some videos detailing how to assess a base to decide which strategy to use, which is where I seen to fall short.

    thanks, and keep up the great work!

  26. #BringBackJake ??

  27. th10 max troops and max heroes still can't 3 star a with low th10 with lvl 1 infernos and th9 defense lol

  28. can u tell us some of the features of new update?

  29. wish u a happy journey bro. but don't do another th 11 2 star attack from the forest in the evening..

  30. Hi if your a decent non rushed th8, 9 or 10 come join us we are super active
    clantag: #2UL8JY9C

  31. beaker is the best youtuber i have ever seen with coc

  32. Now will you say that mass miners or bowlers are easy spam attacks?

  33. Hello everyone! What's up with all the war clans having their"logos" changed to pink?

  34. keep it up pb nice work (:

  35. bad luck PB hahaha

  36. nice vid

  37. more th9 stuff please 🙂 unlucky btw

  38. Bad luck PB, still a much better attacker than I am.

  39. Guess who can stream/youtube from the road now! Wooooo!

  40. If you read this you are awesome because you watch powerbang and u play coc

  41. Is WHF not accepting recruits? Ive been waiting for a 3 days so far, 30/30 th9 cuh?