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Clash of Clans HACKED! 492 Subscriber Special! CEREAL REVEAL! | Direction of Channel + MORE!

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  1. You

  2. he's so fabulous?

  3. Keep it up man. Those videos do take forever to edit… When I started, I had no idea how long!!!

  4. Damn McQueen i just subbed not that long ago and you had 246 now you have over 500 Gj bro keep it up.

  5. nice video and game play

  6. 38th suck on dem pears

  7. Omg that cereal reveal is so amazing! I cri evrytim

  8. Also, if you play on PlayStation 4 Z, can ya add me so we can collab on GTA V? My PSN is Wolfzg4ming24

  9. Spoilers:
    I know what Zmcqueen looks like…
    He's pretty ugly… 😀 jk

  10. Congrats, z ;)

  11. Congrats bro:) sorry for comment you from this account its me Hoodie:)
    Road to 1000 bae?

  12. well done on your 532 subs

  13. Keep up the good work

  14. LOL THE START tho congrats man :)

  15. dude keep up the good work awesome videos bro I mean it

  16. congrats on 520 cough cough 492 subs! I've watched your vids for a lil while but don't know if I've commented before :P. Just wondering, how does it take that long to make a video? I make videos too, and they take about 15-25 mins to record, then an hour to edit. How does it take 8 for you?

  17. you're welcome bro

  18. I knew that it was the Hershey cereal before looking at the name!

  19. great vid?