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Clash of Clans | HE IS WATCHING ME! CREEPY | Do Not Fail

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  1. did you guys see how slowly the enemy golem jumped over the wall by the town hall at 1:55

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  3. Check out this new TH8 Titans League 1 Known as Nade in this clan #9JPQQO8R he holds the new record

  4. "I don't understand how I 3 starred"

    It's almost as if bowlers are… overpowered

  5. Song at the end were the pekka is

  6. CQOD: Are you ever going to max out your king?

  7. QUOTD: Cam have you met any other clash youtubers?

  8. More you tubers life plz!!

  9. Wow this intro was reeeeealy coool ;)

  10. I did 2

  11. do some mario maker

  12. Selling clash royale account kik me for more info kik name is azizberri

  13. QCOTD: Can you continue your TH8 push, because you said that you got a little bit bored of TH11. I think this is the perfect moment to begin your push again

  14. Didn't your name used to be daddy

  15. Hey Sir Chris, What wud you do you have 1 attack left in war and then you get notify that clan war is about to end and then priest tells you-'You may kiss the bride'??;-P

  16. I upgraded my barb king to level 5…. little did i know i was walking into a world of missed abilities

  17. can i join ur clan?

  18. great video

  19. my friend got a 99% one star

  20. Lol at 5:00 a flyingbomb (dont know how to say that in English) next to the Townhall flow 15 block to the Ballons xD

  21. Can u wish my friend happy birthday quick and simple

  22. CQOTD : Can you please please react to your old clash royale video please. ( when you were in arena 3 ).

  23. cam can u pls try this game called