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Clash of Clans – High Loot Farming in Titan with Giant, Wizard and Valkyrie

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  1. Nice! I Love to See your fights

  2. Brandon , Can you make a family of clans for your subscribers?Reply with a comment

  3. i would appreciate it if you could subscribe to me I just started my yt back up 2 weeks ago and I try to upload eveyday

  4. hello my from brazil i veri red good fuck

  5. #nopreparationdayinwar

  6. BEST LOOT EVER. ???????

  7. Hi Brandon!! Meow!! Can you do different raids, like for th 10 and 9, it's nice to see the grand warden but I'm sure many of us are not th11 so maybe just some strategy tips vid would really be helpful, like from th8-10?

  8. #givepewdiepiehisdiamomdplaybutton

  9. Face cam not syc

  10. Your clearly the best youtuber bro! Keep making video's , dont care about haters! You are doing a great job Brandon

  11. Nice video, like always :)

  12. I like your Farm Videos so much???

  13. My best lot is 680 000 gold and 680 000 elixir.

  14. Nice, I'm planning on farming in Titans. Once I max all my barracks I'll be heading up there.

  15. Cab you stop wjusing face cam i Get dictractet and dont watch The replays

  16. u suck!!!!!!!?????

  17. your the best u deserve way more likes and sub's!!#givethisphewdiamond

  18. you the best

  19. Hey Brandon i have a question…What is the best loot you ever got?

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  22. I like it Brandon ?

  23. youre legend bro

  24. How late does he stay up?