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Clash of Clans – High Trophy Pushers – Bowlers, Miners, Valks, & More – Ravenfall Clan Push

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  2. Nice Vid Bash

  3. we're are my replays

  4. nice vid bash ?? keep it up and good luck

  5. What's the best army comp to push with as a th9 now that healers die from traps?

  6. hi, your videos are so good. keep it up! I uploaded a video of clash of clans a while ago maybe you could check it out? I don't talk in it but it would really help and isn't really a good quality video. I have subbed maybe u could do the same. good job bro ur a good youtuber

  7. 3:40 "a lot of personal breasts" lmfao? nice vid Bash thanks for sharing my raid ;)

  8. Gorgar has boobs ya know.

  9. Yo its Tba I got banned on kamcord so that's why I don't come by in the streams??

  10. Nice ?