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Clash Of Clans – HIGHEST LOOT 900k GIANT 3 STAR!! (Top 5 countdown)

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  1. vid of the first guy on my channel :D

  2. Why mybclip wasn't in the video? My nickname is davidezack and I sent u a clip where i grab 900k of loot…

  3. i found 600K loot each at gold league

  4. godson you are best

  5. dude, this channel is dying. this is sad man…

  6. shiiiieeettt i got 800k gold and elixer on a th9 shoulda recorded it :'(

  7. hey guys I also make clash of clans and clash royale videos why don't u have a look

  8. Godson you NEED to start playing a different game. You should have a while ago, now COC is dead.

  9. i also got a 900k loot and i took all of it just using goblins……….check it out on my channel

  10. why town hall 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 are not getting updates for clash of clans im fucking getting mad piz piz godson tell them to make an for us piz

  11. Im surprised that people still play coc its gone dead

  12. why is this outdated channel still popping up in my videos to watch. i already classified him as not interested many times.

  13. Medium interrupt top much

  14. advocate deal global exercise sponsor

  15. You really need to play a different game this channel is dead

  16. هههههhhhhhhh

  17. ?????

  18. the giant gosht me

  19. boooo

  20. I got over 1 mil with my nick KNIGHTRIDER I am in Legend

  21. I'm gonna be at town hall 9 for 2 years, i don't care, i just want to have level 10 walls in town hall 9.

  22. lol dat thumbnail

  23. Where are the failtages?

  24. do you play 300 hogs

  25. lol

  26. I had a base that had 800,000 gold and 800,000 elixer and 2,000 dark elixer but as soon as I started the attack I lost connection!

  27. Your channel is dead my dude

  28. These are very enjoyable js

  29. nice video

  30. #4 meapling Is a Co in my clan Pink ice, so nice showing off his attack, that's epic

  31. Damn last time I came this early your YouTube channel had juice…

  32. Godson… Number 5 was a GoWiPe

  33. hey godson

  34. I am 750000 on clash of clans I share

  35. 3:00 how did he 3 star with level 1 valks

  36. Holy Moly. Dayummmm

  37. 880

  38. First

  39. also pink ice is a purfume

  40. 45th person

  41. Hi

  42. OMG IM ON I'm meapling btw

  43. hi

  44. ??

  45. Lol

  46. like

  47. why r u making very few Vids nowerdays…..u r great bro…..would love to see ur Vids more…

  48. .

  49. Not first

  50. sup