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Clash of Clans HOBO ATTACK STRATEGY!! (Bowlers and Hog riders!!)

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  1. Godson is a hobo living on the street lol´╗┐

  2. Stop with the shit intros ffs´╗┐

  3. You won't see this comment Godson´╗┐

  4. pekka vs golom´╗┐

  5. hahahaha first min made me laugh so hard´╗┐

  6. Just cus the mans black doesn't mean he's a hobo´╗┐

  7. Godson that werid hoe and bo that werid the hoe tho´╗┐

  8. Can u explain me how do u get that coc private server pls?´╗┐

  9. last time I was this early I had Alzheimers´╗┐

  10. I wanted this pun!!!!!!!!!!!!´╗┐

  11. hope to hit 5k, all the subs count, I also sub back;´╗┐

  12. you give one of the gayest youtubers because on how you begin the video and ita stupid wtf´╗┐

  13. I found your base! Muaahahah´╗┐

  14. I love your vids´╗┐

  15. YYEEEAAAaaa?´╗┐

  16. Hope to hit 50k epic subscribers this year! Wont be easy but every subscriber counts :D´╗┐

  17. Yeah! THIS IS GODSON!´╗┐

  18. Man I had the idea go hobo before this video came out´╗┐

  19. hi tony! great vid again´╗┐

  20. What about hogobo, Hog riders, Goblins, and Bowlers? You should make a vid on that.´╗┐

  21. jajaj´╗┐

  22. Hobo start lol?´╗┐

  23. 0:00 to 0:07 voices is from Finding Nemo in case you don't know that movie.´╗┐

  24. HOGON´╗┐

  25. I'm a th11 and every time I search for a raid I find th11s or really strong th10s… Did they make skill-based matchmaking?´╗┐

  26. If you want golems you could do Go HoBo ???´╗┐

  27. OMG I just versed him on clash royalr´╗┐

  28. fuck yea good bie´╗┐