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  1. the video is great ash :-)

  2. Once again, great video ash! Really like your war strategies contents, especially goho. By the way, do you check your email account when there is no activity that requires us sending emails to there, or you only check it when there is a event like the recent raid of the centery tournament? I actually sent you a email two weeks ago. Thanks

  3. Great vid Ash. Awesome to hear the thought process. ??

  4. oh god…nice !!!

  5. Great video Ash :)

  6. it's good but not best thanks ash?????

  7. Can I join your clan Ash please ? You need to change trophie amount to 1200 so I can join please ?

  8. I think you should change ur channel's name as "ash for th9" nothing for th10

  9. Nice video. I tried a GoVaHo on that exact base last war but waited too long deploying hogs and got 95%! Live and learn. Thanks for all you do!

  10. Always appreciate the th9 content!

  11. Ash thank you so much for making this video I've been having trouble with hogs and this will really help me and anyone I'm trying to give tips to. :)

  12. Would goho work on 3 staring th10

  13. Great vid

  14. The second attack was awful. The title of this video should be "how to spam your hogs"

  15. who is watching this in april?

  16. hi

  17. Been a while since I've seen an updated th10 strat.

  18. second

  19. First