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Clash of Clans – HoGiBarch Strategy for Fast and Easy Loot Post Update! (Best Attack Strategy)

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  1. Will this strategy work well for Town Hall 8?Please answer

  2. can I use this stratergy when I have level 2 Archer queen and level 10 barbarian king??

  3. very nice guide inhere, finally i can farm some stuff :D

  4. does dis work for th10s

  5. Thank you for this video I was seriously going to quit because farming was getting tough for me but seeing this video has changed my mind!!! Thanks for the videos

  6. Do you use the clashofclansforecaster tool in order to know when is a good time to farm? If not, what time of day do you farm at?

  7. Ash saves the day AGAIN! Thank you ! Also how can I compensate when King and/or queen are upgrading? Help!

  8. Join my clan ETERNO_LEGACY recruiting active players 🙂 th6 and up

  9. Awesome video! Thanks for taking time to show us this great technique Ash!

  10. Why you only have 2 barracks lvl 10 and how can i queue my troops i have 4 max barracks and thx for this vid like ^_^

  11. Thanks a lot.?

  12. Hey Sir Ash, this kind of Troop Combo will applicable with TH10?

  13. you're using upgraded lvl6 troops&spells and almost max heroes. Even a GiBarch will work and you can save DE from hogs. The hard point is how to farm with a new TH9 not when you're maxed TH9

  14. can u do farming on th 8 account? (great vids)


  16. Awesome guide ash….and u explained it very well…I'll be using this strategy from now on….i have been troubled by the need of a strategy to hit both collectors and storages…well that's over thankz to u!

  17. im done…i go to silber 3 and copy that strategie….already copyed a war base from you:P

  18. all looks great but i dont have level 25 Archer Queen

  19. Ash, as a TH10 now I find TH9s only offer ~250k gold and ~250k elixir and most of them has well-spread storages.
    How do you deal against TH10 with fully loaded infernos? I personally find mass gob farming better right now.

  20. What do you recomend for maxing heroes post update?