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  1. hey bro, i am a th10 but not fully max yet, and my heroes were just both lvl 15,.can i join your clan?,.tnx for you rply,.:)

  2. by far the best coc youtuber . you keep me entertained keep it up buddy.

  3. How tf does beak not have more suscribers

  4. The emphatic elite clan uses aq walk govaho all the time

  5. lower tropes on unty elite to 0 plz plz

  6. can you drop the trophis on your clan plz  for me to join you the best beaker

  7. Valks actually suck. Thats why nobody uses them. They take too long to get between buildings and take too long to attack. Horrible troop, waste of time. They need to fix the Valk

  8. hey beak I am a really bad rushed th 9 I need help plz what should I do I am getting witches and an x bow but yea plz help

  9. Queen walks are for scrubs who can't 3 star without it, no skill.

  10. I just did my first goho attack in war on a th9 and got 3 stars!!! i have lvl2 golems and lvl4 hogs. Thanks you beak i have learned so much from you!


  11. I love watching your videos they are really entertaining and excellent quality

  12. Beaker's Lab awesome video man! Honestly, I think you deserve 1 million subscribers. Keep it up! :)

  13. Pls do only hogs and clanwars and farming and rish to max

  14. +Beaker's Lab i have a nice lvl 7 clan named The Master King i woud like it very much if you join

  15. hi beaker, whats up?

  16. breakers lab open lower your trophies to1200 i want to join your clan plz im good at war my coc name is the master in capitals

  17. Wow Beak. You deserve more subs. I checked the other day and got kinda mad you only have 150k I thought you had at least 500k! You're one of the few YouTubers that I haven't gotten bored of or annoyed with in this past year. You're always enthusiastic and if you aren't, you do a good job covering it! Keep going man, I all-around types of clashers and you show it all on your channel. Nice :)

  18. I have 1840 trophies

  19. I am th 7

  20. Can I join Ruthless 50

  21. Hey

  22. Nice Combos!?
    GiHeho ( Giant healer Hogs) are getting 3 stars now , I get to see a lot of it in recent wars!


  24. Well longer videos would be nice but I don't blame ya for not making them long. Clash is really fun and all but every game is gonna get old. Beak is just really good at making it entertaining. He's still working really hard to make these videos however much time it may be.

  25. Hey Beaker, love the channel. But could I ask what the intro song called?

  26. It seems so fun with xbows, the queen a way way wider variety of attacks so I'm really hammering out some stuff

  27. I'm getting so close to town hall 9 I just need to upgrade teslas and air sweeper and mainly just my hogs and minions!

  28. Hogs and some stuff nice

  29. my left ear enjoyed this video

  30. Its govaho now hard beak.haha <3

  31. nice vid beak

  32. giant rides on golems

  33. Like or comment if you also noticed Beaker always wears a white shirt.

  34. My favorite hod mash up is hogs and dragons


  36. valks are so underrated

  37. Why ur clan closed

  38. Beak who is your favorite troop?