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Clash of Clans *HOLIDAY OLYMPICS!* Worlds NAUGHTIEST Goblin!

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  1. "Ludicrous speed" –Darth Helmet

  2. These clash Olympics' videos are hands down the best clash videos on YouTube. Great job Spencer!

  3. this the best video ever cool??

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  7. hi spender

  8. how about u start greg first let me guess who wins then…

  9. should I try this

  10. the time xD 12:34

  11. Thanks for all your hard work to make these videos! We appreciate you!

  12. miniom glitch

  13. oMG……! this is awesome…….. ??

  14. "His mother has not heard of contraception" and " Cock is incidentally my name at school " XD, I can already tell this is gonna be another great episode

  15. lmao this is why I subbed to this chanel

  16. asowme videos.I love all of your videos

  17. love the creativity!

  18. god of cock ???

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  21. Not as good as coc olympics 3

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  31. I just LOVE ur videos Spencer 23$

  32. This is gonna be LOOTochris #Teamgreg #Poorbarry

  33. The peasant won ????


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