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Clash Of Clans – HOW FAR CAN 14,000 GEMS GO!?! – Gemming Baby Tony 2016!

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  1. Those lvl one walls behind the th!!!!!!

  2. What happened to the giveaway? I'm sure I didn't miss you announcing it in the other videos .-.

  3. I just like it

  4. hahaha baby tony should go back to its mother

  5. Tony plz make feeder clan on clash

  6. it's funny I'm a town hall 4 and level 30

  7. Dude your voice is sooo special

  8. Is he doing a giveaway?

  9. I liked the vid can I get a gem

  10. why are you always using the same song 100 times in your videos .Always the same song all the time

  11. Can I get an even number of likes and if tony u r reading this please reply ' Yes I did it '

  12. when do I get my gem

  13. to upgrade 125 level 5 walls to level 6 it takes about 9.5 mil gold

  14. Your Kod im Cash fir Apps is?

  15. Tony why are you the best? haha

  16. i wanna join plz

  17. tony y is the clan closed?

  18. maxed out

  19. tony can u make a th6 base

  20. general tony do the give away

  21. I have an maxed out th6 and are uppgrading to th7

  22. tony gem the collectors and mines plz so you can farm better like me


  24. #TonyIsTheBestYoutuber

  25. Hi tony!!!!

  26. i liked it even though i always like

  27. General tony you for got one little barracks in the corner and it is still level 1

  28. Buy all five builders first

  29. rename your channel to gemmeral tony

  30. lol man just open some clash royale chests coc is dead

  31. another gemming episode! <3 love it

  32. #gemmingwithtony

  33. hahahaha i know im not winner but let see for the 1000000time if i can win this one

  34. Tony who won the $100 card on yesterday's

  35. when is the next giveaway??

  36. Turn the ads off Tony man damn! LOL