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  1. Love ur vids

  2. hey beaker, nice attack lol

  3. You r the best youtuber of coc…..Keep the good work up!!!

  4. tell them to accept me in unity titans my name is bruh plz

  5. Whoever is reading this….I hope you're having a great day!! :)

  6. Beak you are awesome my favorite clash youtuber dude! You help me learn and become a better farmer and it helps sooo much! I hope you have a great day! #beakisbest

  7. Watch 7:43 the enemy queen glitch???

  8. Love beakers enthusiasm but the followers/comments are very childish. Maybe I've just grown out of the game…

  9. hey beaker I'm a decent th9 can I join your clan, that would make my day

  10. Congrats

  11. We have a level 9 clan. We are a 3 star war clan with a very good level. Currently looking for skilled players TH8 and up. Clan code #2Y9CP8VC Request with the password youtubepiggy

  12. Did anyone see that 666 at the start and end

  13. did anyone notice the queen start glitching at 7:45?

  14. 4666 illuminati confirmed!!!

  15. #beaker white shirt all day

  16. hey can u check out our clan BANDofBROTHERS lvl 9 cland and look at my base cool,still thanks man keep on clashing

  17. Prolly my fav dark elixir episode yet!! Nice vids beaker!!

  18. I'm a th9 and I 3 starred a close to max th11 with this attack I call it the babylavaloonion so 6babydragons 14balloons 2lavahounds 1 lava hound in clan castle and 15 minions

  19. did anyone notice in every raid the last defence was an archer tower

  20. what does thé haste spell do

  21. I mean barch

  22. Did you get a haircut bro?

  23. You use lava hounds,minions,poison spells,haste spells and sometimes golems for farming dark elixir!how?!

  24. Subscribe to me for 7 years of luck
    ignore for 20 years of unluck

  25. Why does he not have Xbows?

  26. can I join your clan.

  27. hey

  28. Lol beak got no dark from that raid and hardly any loot

  29. 4 666