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Clash of Clans – HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! (Titan League Attack Replays)

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  1. Bro Nice video man !

  2. Dont really understand how thats so confusing. Trophy pushing is all about offense not defense especially for a th9.

  3. Faming

  4. Wow, crazy! So much for Super$ell tiring to make people max out their defenses! Why not farm and push at the same time?

  5. hey Jewish see mini max savage a lv9 – 10 clan and the player called I'm a noob he is in champion2 or 1 and he is a th9 with a lv1 cannon only with lv16 heroes

  6. Are u jewish?

  7. Nicest people

  8. Vanessa is also part of Mini-Max, She's a TH6 essentially in the stuff she has, But maxing out for every lvl. ? ? Its cool to see her in a video!

  9. great video:-) keep it up

  10. 2023 is my record?

  11. Back to clash!!??

  12. Anyone can get to legend or Titan if they have hours to waste on a game.

  13. hey my friend nice vid big thumbs up

  14. She was trying to sell this account, I have proof

  15. thx nice video love u

  16. I've seen her in Norsk global

  17. Wtf i just Visiten this base yesterday?