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  1. Love ur vid keep up

  2. in clan

  3. ruthless I'd like to join you guys

  4. So the game is about $$$$ and not skill? The is not what SC is telling us and shocking!

  5. Hey Alex, I am following only a couple youtuber such as galadon and chief pat and I really like all the different approachs and opinions but this vid is my favorite so far. really interessting and helpful. And congratulations for the LEGEND. Once a legend always a legend.

  6. 1 dollar bet he doesnt see this comment

  7. Hi guys I made this new clan named Shadow Rebels #PQVVYCL2 I would really appreciate it if u guys joined. U guys will surely not regret joining us ??

  8. You gave up some days at work because of this game :o

  9. vtah co

  10. How about hitting legends as a th9?

  11. whats the intro song ? please answer !!!!!

  12. Great video but could you reply or make another video on what you spend the gems on like any loot or build time or just troops and also how much you need to play etc thanks.

  13. Ow that's why we didnt see a video in a long time youre job…..

  14. ЭЙ эй эй, Алекс, какая личная жизнь? Прекращай! Нам ещё топ 3 брать надо )))))

  15. Ruthless Barbarian beakers lab doesn't anwser me but my i join your clan im a nearly max th8

  16. Congratulations Alex! you deserve it man.. It must be the best gift of this year for you!!
    I really love your videos! It would be great for all of us if you post videos more often!

    Congrats Again! Keep up the good work!!
    Happy New Year!

  17. I wish you would upload more! I really like your videos, good job Alex :D

  18. Congrats on Legend Alex!

  19. Anther one….have u ever talked to cam ?

  20. Is Eli really ur son ?

  21. Nice job

  22. Those intro skits are pretty dumb and pointless

  23. Atleast your honest about it. My friend spent a lot gemming max warden and just 3 starred everything to get to legend as soon as th11 came out. Frankly I don't think th11 is balanced trophy pushing wise since defense wins are such a rarity. You should make a vid on th11 balancing now that you've had awhile to play with it

  24. I was a member of Barbaric 50 before it shut down, I was supposed to go there but there was no room. My name in coc is Ob. Please let me come to Ruthless 50. I miss everybody from there like Eli, Chief Hagan, King Adams and Dariel.

  25. Anyone know the name of intro song? The one with his name

  26. if you spend money on this game you are a retard. I'm 4965 trophy's not a single dime and i only spend about 3 hour's total per day.

  27. Out of curiosity what accent is that you have?

  28. 100$ not that bad =) thanks for the information bro

  29. Whats your main clan?

  30. #RESPECT2AnyLegend

  31. whats your intro song that you use in every video?

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