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Clash of Clans | How To 3 Star GameDiceHD Th8 Base | Popular Base

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  1. this base is easy and out dated one of my clanmates didnt even try to avoid the double bombs but he just did he dumped 2 lines and just healed it's easy to goho aswell

  2. Thank u for this

  3. PoPolar. ;)

  4. im 3starring this base every single war lol

  5. мупер

  6. One more think u missed… that base has dgb on the other side where the 2 teslas are… people keep interchange the places between those 2 places and if u predict the dgb on the place where the guy did on the video yr hogs are going to get bacon

  7. Can you do a th8 anti 3-star base please, as internet bases like GamediceHD sucks. A screenshot is OK. My email adress is [email protected].
    Have subscribed your channel.

  8. I see this base almost in every war. Thanks for the guide

  9. i use that wall layout on my village base,copied it from another player

  10. lol in our current war an enemy usin it

  11. Thank you for this Haha funny I actually hit this base last night with my th 7 hitting a 8 using hogs almost got it bombs are exactly where u said