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Clash of Clans | How To 3 Star The Triton Th9 War Base | GoVaHo + LavaLoon

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  1. Lol I found it amusing but try adding a bit more juice in my opinion

  2. Привет Гади, ты в основном 9 тх снимаешь ? Хотелось бы увидеть атаки 10 тх и 11 тх. Спасибо за обзоры ?

  3. 1st attack was mehh…redheads died way to fast cuz of earky deployment b4 eCC was killed,,dude got lucky

  4. so sweet thanks for sharing this

  5. the second attack was I guess pretty easy but that stupid guy had 2 poison but he did not use them at the queen

  6. Loving the new intros gadi, a clash with cam like intro, good shit. Good to see a sense of humor. Good vids man

  7. lol no more original ideas

  8. nice intro and pre intro 🙂 I like it !

  9. lol,my base:D

  10. i don't mean to sound bad, but are you doing the same thing like cam before the video starts??

  11. Yass 2nd 

  12. Last comment.