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Clash of Clans | How to 3 Star This TH8 War Base? | Kyoukai Base | Most Popular TH8 Base [2016]

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  1. Any plans on doing any more TH7 war bases?

  2. Brah this base is the easiest, a maxed th8 in war had this base and out th7 attacked him with drags and 3 starred him, all you need to do is lightning spell the far ad and attack from the left and it is a 3 star, that easy


  4. This is my base ????

  5. TH 7 ?

  6. Jaso plz invite me jaso

  7. govaloon is the bast attack for this base

  8. likeee

  9. Thanks jaso it's really works Great

  10. Quien habla español aquí ?????????????

  11. حلوووو

  12. والله عمي منشوراتكم جثيرة وحلوه

  13. music

  14. Hi jaso!Thanks for the video it was good……I want a best farming base for th 8.and please tell the army composition u used in this video!!thanks.


  16. I need a trophy base for persons in crystal for th 8

  17. thank jaso

  18. GoVaLo is a much safer choice for this base lol, pretty much guaranteed 3 star unless you're a retard.

  19. Epic video m8 u give the best advice and bases and strategys keep it up

  20. This base worked as a good trophy base for me when I was a th 8

  21. Govalo is better for that base. I've 3 starred it a couple of times with it

  22. Damn jaso is back at its again?????? good to see u doing some th8 stuff again i was kinda waiting for it to come…hopefully there will be more in future too? good luck bud?

  23. PLEASE TH 6

  24. Jaso you forgot to put the website so they you know

  25. Nice, haven't actually seen this base pop up yet. GoVaLo would also work nicely for this one :p

  26. I've used this exact army but loons instead of hogs.. Really easy to 3 star