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Clash Of Clans | HOW TO BArch in Titans

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  1. I would expect the update to be a couple of weeks after the global Royale release because they said that they didn't want to interfere with its release.

  2. your grand warden was on air?

  3. Another update?

  4. 100 th wines after 3 hours

    Roman Atwood gets. That much in 1 minute

  5. Hi Daddy! can you tell us at least if this update is a big one or not? i haven't got a lot of space on my phone!

  6. Need to change that intro i play clash some times

  7. Nice job. Plus thanks for the the quick teaser about your optimism about next update.

  8. Is level 6 barch strong enough

  9. keep em coming daddy! :)

  10. do you have a big daddy?

  11. When is the update? Nice video as always daddy

  12. It seems really strange to me that someone with all lvl11 walls is questioning the value of the eagle lvl2 😀

    About the new update: Let me guess. It is a new dark troop.

  13. thanks for this, more please?  i noticed you had your warden on air mode, doesnt that negate the buffs to ground troops?

  14. Nice

  15. I can barch for 2 star on th11 140 arch and 35 queen 30 King 20 warden .. Not impress?

  16. 11th like

  17. Like= nothing happens
    Subscribe= you're nice but still nothing happens
    Ignore= Donald Trump becomes president..

  18. nice video Daddy <3 🙂 Barch is love

  19. ??