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Clash of Clans | How To Be a Perfect 2 Star War Pony – 65-80% Attacks

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  1. Nice. Like

  2. mua on pistäny silmaan toi mite lähes kaikki käyttää ton kingi abilityn…eikös se kannattais käyttää aikasemmin kun sen elämät on just menny alle puolen ni se pysyis pitempään ragena ja sais todennäkösesti 1-2 enemmän rakennuksii tuhottuu.

  3. Hey Ed how it been the pet for IntheDark because you don't do 3 stars in war doing 2 stars is nothing and the only thing you are the is because you are they're pet.

  4. Stop cursing so much. Your voice is annoying af

  5. you sound like janice from friends. anyone can two star th11 bases. nothing new. btw have you ever 3 starred a th11 till now?? i bet not.

  6. Ed excelente video ,solo los buenos jugadores siguen dominando los ataques con dragones.

  7. Nice video Ed..upload some more of clash royale plz!

  8. Ty for sharing Ed

  9. Nice work Ed.. always nice when theres a few anti 3 stars to secure the 2 on easily first.

  10. Playhard !! tamo junto Ed

  11. Anti-3 star bases are easy to twostar!

  12. ?

  13. ?

  14. tip