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  1. +Beaker's Lab do you have a speed build for you current base?

  2. th 8 farming in crystal ( 1,2,3) it's amazing but i want to get into master any time soon :)

  3. Beaker can we see your defense raid on your town hall 9 and 10

  4. woah you had 119k dark in the begining in the end you have 120k

  5. Beak u awesome!!!

  6. yeah the one that you skipped it had the 3 xbows upgrading

  7. What's your opinion on quake vs jump??Also why upgrade walls over defenses??

  8. In masters 1, lots of nexting to find a good th9


  10. Beak loved the vid! Can you do more rushed to max!

  11. I want you to do all troops attack

  12. I'm a town hall 8 and this channel gives really good advice on how to get dark elixir

  13. hey beaker

  14. U ROCK BEAK!

  15. Should have upgraded ur archer queen beaker

  16. I've been finding a decent amount of dark in masters but there is no chance of finding a base that has everything unless it's like a max th10 or th11. luckily I only need gold and elixir for walls though so I don't really care to much if I get too much of it but if you do need them then I would recommend staying in gold league. It's way easier to find dead bases in gold

  17. bro why dont you try a bowler walk instead of queen walk.try would be fun

  18. bro why dont you try a bowler walk instead of queen walk.try would be fun

  19. I love your channel beak keep it up buddy

  20. I kinda dislike all the Royale vids I'm seeing (but don't want to unsubscribe some channels), but every time I know there's a clash vid from you 🙂 always fun vids bro keep it up!??

  21. Man i love this guy.he has this realy friendly attribute that makes his videos much better.keep up the great work man?

  22. Beaker i gotta admit buddy,ur the best youtuber of clash of clans in youtube hugs from portugal

  23. I'm just starting 8.5, trying to get de etc. A guy in my clan said to barch, and I immediately found a dead th11 with 2 drills on one side, only a few buildings away…YESSSSSSSS