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  1. Great video again man… Only the real farmers understand how good farming is right now.. Most people got so used to hitting with 40 troops without any thoughts just tapping all around a base without any strategy or sense.. That now that they are forced to really play the game, how it was meant to be played. they can't help it but be crybabies.. I'm in champ 1 on my way to Titan.. N I cannot spend my gold fast enough… The loot is insane.. Great tips shield tips.

  2. Before the update, I was a hardcore farmer. Now I adjusted being th9. I feel like I get more loot this way.

  3. Great video as always

  4. 80k sub's already? well done ash!

  5. مرحبا

  6. I'm still treating shield in the same way as pre update, I ignore it, I'm th10 so my defence isn't costing me a lot. The difference is I don't need to worry about being attacked for some due to attacking through shield. That said farming is a lot less enjoyable now, I'm even tempted to rush to th11

  7. ash questions I just got 2 times after guard shield was over how can that happen I'm at 4724 now karlos from north44 if you could help let me know

  8. This is ridiculous… I'm not going to Titan league just to farm. I can't wait till my shield ends to do a "last minute attack". I want to play how I want to play, not with Supercell dictating me. What about us farmers in silver and gold leagues? We don't get free 2 hr VG after our shield ends, and I am sure as hell not going to cook a war army for a single raid. Nor am I gonna spend 10 gems a day to "buy more attack time." This is a big reason why so many farmers, including me, hate this update so much.

  9. More Gold, same elixir and less dark after attacks.Even after collecting TITAN bonus!
    Considering that not everyone has level 40 heroes and Warden and not everyone has full defenses for high level leagues.

    This video is okay for fully max bases only.

    This game is so broken.

  10. oh cool your army comp similar to mines. i use 3 golems/ 8 giants/ 22 wiz/8wbs/ 3 mins with 1 rage 1 jump 1 freeze 4 EQ. i find the jump helpful when dealing with the resource base. i usually do 3 raids before shield ends, and when i can i buy a village guard to give my heroes time to wake up for defense rather than spending a lot of gems to wake them up. this way i don't have to wait 1h 30mins for them to wake up. i can just log off and do my own things.

  11. 81k….. Almost………..
    Lol my pf pic

  12. ur breathless mate

  13. You should bring back the hot off the press strategy series!

  14. Love your vids ash! Can you please give some replays of the bases from tmay i like them a lot!

  15. Congrats on 80k subs Ash! You deserve it! Great video as always!

  16. Great explanation and vid and also congrats on 80k!

  17. this sucks ash…I don't have time to wait for my shield to "almost end"..ridiculous…this game is over

  18. higher players they don't care or worry about gems, so what is the point to give them with this longer VG? this is the part that many farmers (non-gemmer) hate this update and think that SC is greedy, gem to play blah blah…they should think about it and more problem would be solved to many complainers if they switch the longer VG to lower league, i guess.

  19. there is a problem that they should fix with this VG, actually the longer VG should be given to lower league cos most are farmers, they don't use gem to boost their heroes and stuff. think about it, when they got kicked out, got attack and get no shield, how can their heroes wake up with this 30min for another def? cos get no attacked or without shield they will kicked out again ( PTB extension) i hate this PTB extension too i hope they remove it soon cos it doesn't make sense to kick the player out many time because they don't get the shield. most army that attack them is farming troop, so it is a rare to give them 30% destroyed shield and cause them got too many attacks without full def prepared ( no heroes or no cc troop, and can't re-arm their trap, esp at over night) not like higher league, most def are from heavy army, also most of them can boost their heroes too.

  20. Really enjoying your videos Ash! Very informative and professional while still being fun and relatable at the same time.