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Clash of Clans – How to Make 5000 DE in 5 minutes! | Farming Attack Strategy with Super Queen!

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  1. Ash, what level archer queen do you recommend for this attack? My queen is level 7, is she good enough? If not, what is another strategy to get dark elixir/

  2. Hey Ash I only have a level 5 queen and level 3 healers. (just got TH9) will this method still work? or is my queen to shitty? Thanks!

  3. That was great man thx!!! I will share that with my th 9 clan mates.. Just started using the LAZY RAID with 113 goblins with my th 8 .1 funny I use the same on my th 11 ha ha ha ha but when my little base goes to nine this is going to help me a lot!

  4. WOW amazing guide! is it better than gibarch?

  5. You could tell Ash does YouTube to teach us on how to do strategies in Royale and Clash!Keep it up ???

  6. yeah , th9 farming vids r back . Ty

  7. Nice

  8. ash what league so you thinking the best league to farm for loot?

  9. awesome video once again. thanks eternally

  10. You gemmed the healers bro. Without gemming its 5000 in 1 hour.

  11. My queen is only lvl 11 and I'm th 9, do u think the strategy will still work relatively the same?

  12. I just started this game and Ash do you have any begginer tip videos?

  13. Nice strategy, check out my loot hehe ?

  14. Ash do you kick puppies?;)

  15. Gems 6,500

  16. Nice video! Would a lv5 queen work for this against weaker bases? Thanks!

  17. I love this strategy, been doing it since you showed us the first time. Almost every time I log off I cook this up for when I return, then I start using quicker armies after. Thanks Ash!

  18. Can you make an up-to-date video talking about how to get lots of DE at th7-8?

  19. I love queen walks their awesome to grab dark elixir

  20. name music ?

  21. Thanks ash i was waiting for this awesome video!

  22. Ash can I join the war clan even tho I don't have level 30 heroes ? Plz

  23. Lemme join you clan Sir Ash..

  24. I miss the old days that my th was 9 :(

  25. ash can you use this strategy with queen lvl 5?

  26. thanks ash! keep rockin

  27. Nah i don't play this game

  28. I know how to get 8k dark elixir in 5 seconds, collect war loot

  29. 2nd hi ash

  30. ash plz do an arena 6 mirror deck plz plz!