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Clash of Clans – How to Upgrade Walls Fast & Easy (Best Strategy)

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  1. Ash, you're an amazing YouTuber and should gain more respect and support in years to come. I was just wondering which one of the Altar Family I should join. I am a new th9 with lvl 6 q, most new walls to lvl 7 and all new defenses to th8 level and both xbows. Btw I was a maxed th8 before.

  2. Nice video ash. Can I please join your clan.I'm a th9 and really love to war.I'm also good at account name is BM THA BOSS :)

  3. Ash? i was from altar of royals. got kicked of fake reason nd i have proofs too. i tried to contact you on skype, you didn't respond. pls see to it. thanks

  4. Its behind the cc lol i found it in 10 sekonds or so

  5. why r u not doing more videos i love ur videos :)

  6. me, i found it

  7. nice video ash :D

  8. Join here Altar of Titans #L899890G Lvl 5 Clan……War Logs 44 Wins & 3 Lost (B'cos of Mismatch)

  9. Ash, i'm a maxed th8 and i'll be going to th9 soon.. can i still do the second farming strategy? keeping 1 builder just for walls or should i focus on building the new stuff first and farm walls later?

  10. I dont really understand what a hardcore farming clan is. I understand what farming is and what hardcore is but how is it any different from doing what im doing or what my clan is doing. Do you donate more? You cant attack more. I attack a lot. Ive got 189 attacks won so far. Would i fit in a hardcore farming clan? How would it benefit me? Im nearly max th8. Got about 70 walls left and 4 days left on my minions then im maxed. I want to jump to th9 and max all my stuff out to th9 without building the extra th9 things. I want to do it quickly

  11. Hey Ash! I was wondering what farming strategy did you use the most to farm your walls?

  12. Giacomini! Goo altar of heroes! Lol

  13. I just don't have enough clan information to join because your clan dose not show up when I search

  14. Can I join your clan my name is Ben in clash

  15. Ash, im a th10 with a lvl 30 aq and soon a lvl 23 barb king, i play about 2 hours a day and have ADs/cannons/archer towers lvl 11, rest defenses are maxed. so i upgrade 1 hero and focus on walls, should i do something diffrentley? or stay with this strat? (i farm lvl 10 walls)

  16. idk, the archer tower on the right? I know its behind some archer tower or upgrade button or something

  17. Why are you always putting out the same farming strategy content? Not that it's lame or something like that, but you know? It's getting boring … ^^ just saying

  18. I am on th 7 and I still only have the walls that should be upgraded thanks

  19. LOL. Be honest, who actually found the last level 10 wall?

  20. 1st