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Clash Of Clans – HUSBAND & WIFE TAG TEAM!! (8th perk pushing)

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  1. the barbarian king and archer queen are husband and wife not grand warden

  2. that skele

  3. can i please be in troll bros i am a huge fan my username is hcgl predator

  4. My family is from Vietnam

  5. it's her uncle

  6. find the new troop godson and im your biggest fan

  7. CONGRATS on the lvl 8 clan godson.

  8. No likes?:(

  9. dark 3lxir guide channel check out

  10. How does clash of clans have 3 million daily users when there's only 700,000 people in the world?



  13. Personally I think "Beakers Lab" is a best CoC youtuber he tells very good advice for loot and cup pushing and he's funny 🙂 I recommend checking him out and subscribe Search Beaker's Lab – Clash of Clans. He deserves way more sub's Thank You :D

  14. Muy buenas gente , subo COC , guerras , estrategias de ataques , tanto aéreos como terrestres , ataques de th11 y bueno me gustaría que os pasaseis si os interesa pasaros acabo de empezar y bueno hay contenido bastante bueno GRACIAS !!

  15. Hey please check out my clan I think they hacked the war we lost 99% but our troops froze and time ran down!!! Clan is Chinese secret and I'm XXSandmanXx I want supercell to see this and I'm sure you will get view it's very odd!

  16. I am no hater trust me but i have to say, HOW THE HECK DOES THIS CHANNEL HAS 1.3 MILLION SUBS. I mean the videos are entirely trash, there is nothing to learn from them, there are no war strategies, there are no base designs and IT IS NOT EVEN FUNNY. There are loads of better youtubers out there but they are a lot less subscribers. Seriously I dont get it.

  17. Grand Warden is barb king archer queeens son ;p

  18. hey guys , my youtube is clash of clans channel for base designs . please visit and subscribe :)

  19. oh baby is a traple

  20. I bet the barb King is jelly ;)

  21. Would 5,000 defensive wins in a season be impressive?

  22. cool

  23. My clan got the 8th perk today :D

  24. who has 5 X-Mass TREES CAUSE I DO

  25. do u know fussy godson he said he was ur cousin

  26. do u know fussy godson he said he was ur cousin

  27. the skeleton it was breaking the wall the hole raid

  28. Good video! Like and Congratulations!

    if possible pass on my channel and checks the videos , thank you!

  29. Can anyone tell me how to do the things in ElvisHuy's name?

  30. godson YEEEAAAaa!!

  31. clash of clans is cool

  32. godson can u give me yeeea

  33. Haha..very good

  34. اشترك بقناتي و اكتب تم و رح اردلك الاشتراك و شكرا

  35. their siblings godson

  36. You promote bisexual content while mainly kids watch your channel wtf cross dressing the Heros aw hell naw

  37. godson the cheater nice xmod

  38. the audio was so bad

  39. Why do you keep saying queen and warden are married? King and Queen are the married ones

  40. Yo is this 60 fps

  41. More like a brother and sister thing

  42. Godson your background music are really annoying

  43. Is it just me or is clash dying since the new update I haven't been attacked in 2 days

  44. Godson you will always be my favorite Clasher! CLASH ON(I have coc btw)

  45. Grand Warden is the Archers Queen grandfather, hence the word Grand. The Archer Queen and The Barbarian King are married.

  46. i love your videos Godson

  47. King is the husband lol. Grand warden is too cool to be married.

  48. pobre rey barbaro 🙁 he is alone