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Clash of Clans – Hype Man (New TV Commercial)

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  1. sweet army comp. 80 barbs, 10 pekkas, 3 giants, 4 breakers, 1 wiz… should
    try it some time

  2. Shouldn’t wizards be wise and not so self righteous?…

  3. thats why it takes him so long to do damage

  4. THE VOICE ACTOR! It’s the comic book guy from the Simpsons!

  5. I Think Supercell Should Be Working On The Next Update Not A Commercial…

  6. Is it just me or the clash of clans wizard’s voice actor is Garfields?

  7. Oh Hype Man. What would we do without you?

  8. spam 6 while watching this video flying goblin

  9. Worst. Commercial. Ever!

  10. Would of love it if someone said YOU SUCK

  11. LMAO that little goblin stopped to clap xD

    Fucking love SuperCell. 

  12. Now I know why this nigga take so long while attacking, he doesnt stop

  13. That one goblin that stopped and clapped for the wizard lol 

  14. Well. Fuck it. Let’s ride hype train then.

  15. While watching this the ad before the video was the Hair Wizard ad LOL!

  16. Pat, i thought you were better then this …. easy content i gues

  17. Like this comment, and I’ll give you bacon.

  18. sounds like comic book guy


  20. Can I get likes for no reason?

  21. they should make a tv show out of this stuff

  22. Clan : Maricourt
    We will take anyone!
    Rival clan : Chicken Tikka

  23. This is why the wizard is my favorite troop

  24. Sounds like someone from the Simpsons

  25. That goblin tho…