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  1. clashocide, we are a waring clan looking for strong attackers, donaters, and loyal members. Please join to get this clan going!

    Clan code:#QRR9UUGV

  2. #Unsurprised

  3. Hi I have a question

  4. Can you do a baby Tony episode

  5. Suprised

  6. #surprize

  7. Gt i checked your base and you are at 3799 trophies now :*(

  8. off course !!make any type of videos I will like it!!and always love u

  9. #Surprised

  10. It's so close to 69k likes! ? (not)

  11. #Suprised

  12. disfigure – blank, my 2nd fav song from ncs ^-^

  13. Gt can u make a efficient army for th10, I don't get the grand warden till th11 and I love ur vids…can u help me out I am in champs 2 pushing to Titans and I can use ur amazing help with ur skills ty man.

  14. Молодец)

  15. amazing tho ladiator

  16. +Clash of Clans | General Tony Kik?

  17. #suprised

  18. #surprised

  19. #suprise

  20. I want lvl 8 barch :((( would be awesome

  21. #suprised

  22. yea, m surprised. ty for using this music for your awesome videos ;)

  23. i love u gt…

  24. yes I do

  25. #FuckingSurprised

  26. Yo tony please read this
    On cash for apps I downloaded 3 apps that I haven't downloaded before and I didn't get the coins do you know what to do

  27. #surprised

  28. awesome work tony :)

  29. surprised

  30. i am

  31. and also you didnt grab every penny cause there was 3k gold m8

  32. I'm not surprised I use all archers and get 300-400k per raid btw I'm a th7 in gold 3

  33. why are your air sweepers in the same direction, is there any advantage?

  34. try it in war

  35. If u watch the grand warden shoot his laser it doesn't come out of his staff it comes out of his body

  36. Tony still love you (and still not gay?)

  37. Dear tony there is spots open in babybeasts an I have been trying to join for 20 minuets but maybe there is just to many people asking but if it does eventually work my name on clash of clans is #swaggest

  38. Suprised

  39. thanks! im in champs 1 , and using so much dark elixer attacking. I appreciate your help

  40. nice

  41. I'm surprised !!!!!????

  42. Clash of clans

  43. It got me playing Clash of cland

  44. sup tony

  45. Hey Tony ? Love your videos Tips on getting to max townhall 8?

  46. i am suprised