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  1. hi dude!´╗┐

  2. Can I join your clan´╗┐

  3. Happy new jear beaker´╗┐

  4. nah 3 heals are better´╗┐

  5. man if you are investing 2 spells in KS you gotta trip the dgb on the way, just check some of theese attscks:War Whales,that is the chanel´╗┐

  6. HEY Guys!!!´╗┐

  7. 4:03 second time he says right there… Do u even english beak?´╗┐

  8. Hi´╗┐

  9. 3 heals is needed in my opinion.´╗┐

  10. Hey Beaker, What Recording software do u use To record videos ???´╗┐

  11. Fuck off max stop stalking´╗┐

  12. Hey Beaker your vids are sooooo awesome!´╗┐

  13. Join Team Ripple´╗┐

  14. Your the best beaker´╗┐

  15. Beaker :D´╗┐

  16. Name of song 0:00?´╗┐

  17. hi beaker how r u buddy ?
    i am new th 10 with maxed th 9 heros and walls i need advice what league to farm after update please answer me i am confused so much and hardly find loot thanks so much i wait your replay´╗┐

  18. @beakers lab what did you do to make your inrto on your videos?´╗┐

  19. Hey Beak can you make a video for good TH 7 bases?´╗┐

  20. hey I created new clan GSQUAD my name is Maximum please join my clan´╗┐

  21. Love the vid, keep up the good work Lab!!!´╗┐

  22. beaker can i join ur clan i m th9 if can i join tell me how?´╗┐

  23. Beak, I upgraded my queen to lvl 10. Do I upgrade king or queen next?´╗┐

  24. I think 1 rage 3 heal´╗┐

  25. hey beak, why arent u do base build video ?´╗┐

  26. Beaker how old are you?´╗┐

  27. Shadowdung2´╗┐

  28. che culo! ahahah´╗┐

  29. Goho*´╗┐

  30. Sup beak!´╗┐

    LOVE YOU (TOTALLY HOMO jkjkjkjk)´╗┐

  32. Im only a level 7 townhall´╗┐

  33. Hey Beaker! I've been having troubles with finding an active clan. My current clan, only handful of us are active, which makes me don't want to play as much, I've been searching through multiple clans, but none which I can call home to. Any suggestions? I'm a very high th9, not quite maxed out yet.´╗┐

  34. Spells = 1 Jump 2 Rage 1 Heal
    Troops = 2 Golems 3 Pekkas 6 wallbreakers 12 wizards 5 archers
    Clan castle = Giants :)´╗┐

  35. I just got saved on a golaloon attack , my queen didnt get his queen but i made it out´╗┐

  36. Beak can u start making longer videos I hate that there so short when it's over I'm like NOOOOOOOOOOOO WHY´╗┐

  37. Need Noscopeglasses with discount
    go here´╗┐

  38. I was a member of Barbaric 50 before it shut down, I was supposed to go there but there was no room. My name in coc is Ob. Please let me come to Ruthless 50. I miss everybody from there like Eli, Chief Hagan, King Adams and Dariel.´╗┐

  39. WHAT UP BEAK!´╗┐

  40. One day, when I have grandkids… I'll sit them around the fireplace and dim the lights and tell them all of the time when you could find dead bases in Clash :(´╗┐

  41. hi beaker´╗┐

  42. Do u think gowipe is an ok war attack´╗┐

  43. No´╗┐

  44. Beaker have you ever thought of doing a react video to your first vid?´╗┐

  45. You and nickatnyte are the only clashed I like to watch on all of YouTube! Make my day and tell me hey?´╗┐

  46. what is the intro beaker????´╗┐

  47. How does clash of clans have 3 million daily users when there's only 700,000 people in the world?´╗┐

  48. Beaker say Christmas not holiday´╗┐