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  1. Disconnect. That's what happens when wifi is terrible for your home/work/school

  2. I deploy troops like 2nd person 😀 it is soo op if you want 50%

  3. 3:11 that was a bot that attack you beaker just so you know thats why he didnt use spells ,cc or end the battle
    (btw no human can deploy troops like that so yeah it is a bot)

  4. 2nd raid was done by a bot probably clashbot..

  5. i ran into ur base before

  6. Guys I play clash of clans and my name in the game is xXCreatorXx I am trying to grow my clan if u wanna join the name is Gone_Insane please no hate just trying to grow my clan

  7. hey sir can i go in ur clan i have th10 account

  8. question beaker to upgrade walls with eilxir do you have to be a th 8 or higher pls repond

  9. Hey guys please subscribe to me I make clash vids I have 14 subs and I want to have 100 before the year ends

  10. I stopped watching Beaker when he finished his TH 10 Max Base series, and this is the first video ive watched… Kinda cringey…

  11. The bot won't quit until it gets a star

  12. second attack was bot

  13. how to join your clan??

  14. Ur a high level on ur rushed account. U must of not gemmed once. I'm subbed and I'm a huge fan though

  15. Plz sub to my channel

  16. love your videos beak!! how did you make your intro? it's pretty wesome

  17. Beak plz upgrade ur heroes it's just embarrassing for a th10 to have 13/15 heroes.

  18. lol

  19. stupied lots of pepole do that works

  20. that music at the end tho!

  21. i would like to attack you beak lol

  22. music pls..

  23. hey beak wat s up am very disappointed and sad that I was kicked from ruthless 50 for no reason I join and I was accepted the Andrew Khush just kick me I was very sad and angry with him please respond beaker my name in coc is Pk.subban76

  24. you really haven't ever seen any barch attack…. ever… thats how most people attack inactive players??? spread troops around the base…

  25. Cool video Beak!

  26. 15-giants 15-wiz…. A ton of giants, a little of wizards. Love that logic.

  27. Those walls doe. They pain me to look at them

  28. The second atk on your base was a modded atk it's how they always atk report ur attacker beak! Help rid the Vic universe of unfair mod gameplay

  29. The robot comments killed me bro lmao! Easily my favorite clash of clans youtuber. keep it up Beaker, you the best!

  30. Is cash for apps legit?

  31. Why are you so rushed?

  32. The attack from azzawi seems a lot like a bot. I was shown the same type of strategy, the bot does not release the CC or spells so the time runs out.

  33. 2nd attack was by a bot. ppl still cheats!

  34. he lost connection

  35. duude! Ur almost at 150 k subs. I subscribed when you had about 30-50k subs. Congratulation!