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Clash of Clans: I HAVE TH10!! How to Start a TH9.5

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  1. Hahaha 11.54

  2. now im a part of ur klausfamily!!!!

  3. Great timing for me as I have 10 days left in my upgrade to TH10. Nice to have someone to compare to as I begin upgrading. Congrats on the big upgrade Klaus!

  4. Klaus i Should up I get the th10 pack it includes a lvl2 inferno tower 6 million gold and 2500 gems? I'm kinda tempted tbh. Anyways good luck with th10

  5. Idiot u had gold in your cc

  6. congratulations for your th10 :D

  7. congratulations ?

  8. Klaus, you son of a…. Yeah you almost gave me a heart attack, as soon as you pressed the inferno I was like, no don't it, trust me I've been there, don't do it bro! Congrats on th10 though

  9. That inferno freaked me out, haha.

  10. Recently moved th10,been following your Th9.5 guide…baie dankie Klaus.

  11. they patched the lab where if your upgrading the lab the progress gets paused on the upgrade inside the lab

  12. great vid dude…way to th11 ?

  13. try harder


  15. I subscribed Klaus gaming at 10 subscribers

  16. Hi klaus do you play pewdiepie tuber simulator ? My name is ItsSemtv

  17. 1000 likes

  18. Congrats Klaus!!! FREAKING TH10 SWEET!!!

  19. Congratulations Klaus on getting to TH10 ? and thanks for all the help you have given at TH9.

  20. help me please

  21. please help me, what application you use to record your screen Clash of Clans

  22. Klaus your videos are amazing…. Realyyy just continue making these they help us so much and you will be so big on youtube one day…… I bet my hat for that ???

  23. who else think that Klaus look like Chief pat??

  24. pfff When he jelled wait! I thought he finally noticed that one wall he didn't put back in the rigth place. Please put it in the right place, it is bugging me so bad!

  25. hi, how did you edit the name of your army composition?

  26. Congraz

    You should have more subs than eclipse. good luck on that 9.5 Keep up the good work.
    Love your videos❤!