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Clash of Clans I LEARNED HOW TO 3 STAR!!

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  1. Right when the grand warden was dropped… Seeking air mine

  2. 13:15 so relatable

  3. I learned how to 99% 1 star great job me

  4. Yes

  5. ash is awesome. he is the guy you want to back you when you are in a fight. but he is so nice I don't think anyone would want to fight him. I'm jealous you know him Nick.

  6. #TeachingWithAsh

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  8. Awesome collaboration

  9. 12:04 "If you guys like this Meth- I mean" LoL

  10. Omg he put gullible in the description lol!

  11. Great video Nick! PLEASE PLEASE make more Clash of Clans videos!!!!

  12. That why I stop watching your videos

  13. clash on

  14. went from 0 to 100 baby real quick

  15. Selling level 10 royale account
    3 legendaries Princess, Icewizard, Lavahound
    Level 10 commons
    Level 7 rares
    Level 5 epics

    My kik is Xwinnerz
    My snapchat is Da_nielM

  16. Anyone else notice the one lvl 1 wall on ashlain's base at the bottom?

  17. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  18. The last time i was this early,nick was still a th10

  19. Upload fallout shelter again

  20. Do clash royals the overpowered deck Sparky,Miner,Mirror,and Ice wizard

  21. on clash royale you should do a clash of clans deck

  22. finally back to coc

  23. Nickatnyte the next hero they should add is the Elder Wizard


  25. great vid !

  26. from bassSTOP ?3-0 in clash royale

  27. OH GOD LOOK AT ASH's FINGERS IN THE PHOTO!!! (Holding the IPad)

  28. Imagine

    ClasswithAss ?

    an ass with a bow tie and suit xD

  29. Upload a video about basStop_Youtube deck ..


  31. Nick I have a good/funny attack for clash. Do a GoVaPe attack. Golems. Valks. Pekkas. I think it would actually work. And it would be a funny troop comp name.

  32. Wow Coc instead of clash ROYALE

  33. more clash of clans pls

  34. BORING

  35. Nick could you send me some gems on coc plzz

  36. this is one of the best clash collabs, besides the cam and molt collab

  37. its easy to make a queen walk to u

  38. What happened to Molt?

  39. The warden got one shot by the same one air mine for the first 2 raids LOL

  40. FROM basSTOP

  41. bosstop lose you

  42. Make Collabs with cam!!

  43. Ash trying to get more subs lol

  44. GET THE CAMERA NICK LEARNED HOW TO 3 STAR! my name is Aj btw lol

  45. Who gets hype when he uploads a clash of clans vid

  46. Can you try my deck it got me to 3500 its fireball bombtower arrows hog barbs minion horde musketer and spear gobling change it up i just like to see you try it im your biggest fan

  47. From basstop

  48. wow it took 2 weeks to do what you told us?

  49. Plz