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Clash of Clans: “I TRIED TO 100%…” BUT I’M SO BAD.

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  1. The video went wrong.

  2. hey

  3. Even worse than a "nice try" after a failed war attack is silence… ouch.

  4. Beak, what if clash nvr gets better, will u quit?

  5. Hi


  7. Wasnt the ghosts coming out of the poison spell a Halloween thing? Did they just forget to remove it? Lol

  8. ┻┳|
    ┳┻| _
    ┻┳| •.• ) -Daddy, are all the spammers gone?

    <,︻╦╤─ ҉ – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

  9. Guys how do you get subscribers when you start? I have good videos but I need people to watch them. :(

  10. great video beak! how did you get that sweet intro to your vids?

  11. nice vid

  12. But in The End it doesnt even MATTER

  13. lol normally when I air raid I don't bring any cleanup wiz. 99% of the time the hounds pop and there's more than enough pups to clean up

  14. What up beaker!

  15. can u make a good farming TH10 BASE?

  16. Guys im trading a town a max town hall 9 for a max town hall 8, i like town hall 8 its easier to war, kik me at bobstalman for more info.

  17. #Warden

  18. Hi Beaker! :D

  19. wonder where did he gets all those dope music on the background

  20. That title is the story of my three star life


  22. TheNeighborHood is recruiting (Skilled War Attackers) #2Y9UUV9

    ONLY TH7-TH8, TH9 is Highly welcomed. Level 70+, Minimum Wall Level : 7. Level 5+ Troops Only. TheNeighborHood is an International New Clan interested in Players who will PARTICIPATE IN WAR REGULARLY i.e Participation in chat is not really necessary but APPRECIATED but donation of ONLY REQUESTED TROOPS IS MANDATORY . Due to the clan's interested in good statistics, just 12-15 members(active in war) are needed. English is the Official Language,but Russian,Ukrainian and ATTACK is understood. No specific time-zone or Country. Age 17+….
    We look forward to expand.

    JuJu Breeze

  23. Hey beaker can you suggest some tips on your next video on what to upgrade first when you get a new TH ? I'm getting th8 and I'm max Up!

  24. Beak can u add me to your clan my name is boss

  25. I'm learning to goho for my wars, and I watch your past videos for tips. I do everything you say to, and my hogs just somehow die. Can you tell me why?

  26. hii beaker!

  27. sup beaker..

  28. Beaker u can use Queen walk

  29. Hey beaker I just maxed my th9 (with walls) level9… Level 11 was not around wen I was playing

  30. beek i want to join ruthless 50 but i am rushed because my friend gave me his account i am a th7

  31. Never use heals with hounds , happens

  32. Hi
    I w really want clash royale

  33. that second war replay was savage

  34. Love Ya Beak!

  35. Will you make q video on leveling up a low level queen? Thank you

  36. What are you going to do now you have 150k subs?

  37. Hello it's me

  38. did anyone heard beak said his Babarian King is she? OMG he called his babarian king a she!