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  1. Then they rip you off when you realize they increase the price

  2. hii beak

  3. Cool

  4. Why you don't have x-bows?

  5. Beak do you record videos in 60fps?

  6. Beak do you record videos in 60fps?

  7. How expensive is your army?

  8. Nice vid!

  9. 3:30 Spring trap wtf

  10. i love this beak!!! i mean dark elixir time!

  11. Beak! What army do u use when ur AQ is upgrading?

  12. Do more Clash Royale please

  13. When do you upgrade your hero's?

  14. beak I may be wrong but I think the baby drag only can't enrage if other air troops are around. if not I think it's the heros. I seen a baby drag enrage while sitting on top of the archer queen

  15. lol why no xbows

  16. 5200 dark elixir !?

  17. I am a th7 lvl61 in kristal III and I get crushed all the time by lvl70-90 th8

  18. Clash Of Clans is amazing,I play it way more than FIFA 16.

  19. Time to x-bows beak! Low level is not helping you anymore. Disadvantage only!

  20. my spring traps are all level 3 or going to level 3

  21. Im at townhall 9 with everything max (only 60 Walls left for level 10 and heroes need 7 More Levels each) and im only level 107 xD

  22. Hey beak!! can you do a video for loot farming without queen walk? or can you comment me back some armies please?!!

  23. Looking for some members in my clan.join up.

  24. Beak, in kristal 2 the loot is to OP. You will at least get 900k. Hi from the Netherlands!

  25. <3

  26. yo beak! where the xbows at ?

  27. yo beak, i recently lost interest in clash and i dont want to sell my account but i dont want it being dead and hanging around, so i thought shat if you want it until i gain interest in the game again which is most likely never cuz i hate coc there are plenty gems on there aswell 12k and id give it to you for free if you want it to make some vids..its a th9,5 30/30 heroes and working on offense…hit me up if you want it :D

  28. beak I have your base because I liked it and I always win because I had to make some room for two xbows

  29. i was gonna upgrade my spring trapsbut nah it will slow down the actual building time for other stuff i been fine with out that its cool but not important atleast for me unless i have another builder but till then ima upgrade them at the end if i get to th11 sometime later on

  30. yoo,you r sick farmer beaker !

  31. beak why was acspring trap visible on your first raid at the end?

  32. hey beak

  33. I wouldnt go past level 2 springtraps. Theres not much to be gained by going past. Level 2s affect up to 2 valkyries. Max level springtraps affect the same. Same with wizards. Level 2s affect 4 wizards. So does max. Makes no sense to go past level 2 springtraps. Unless you wanna kill 19 barbarians lol. Who the frick cares about that?

  34. beak I suggest doing the newest 3star strategy called VaGiNer

  35. Beak reminds me of 8-bit Ryan…

  36. y no xbows

  37. Why dont u have your xbows