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Clash of Clans – I WANT THESE UPGRADES! OMG! | Epic Loot Farming + Town Hall 11 DESTRUCTION!

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  1. I Thought Cole Was Gonna Pop Up The John Cena Meme xD


  3. Omg if you listen closely in the background music I'm pretty sure that's the Kingdom Hearts 2 soundtrack when you're facing a boss

  4. Omg it does sound like dat!!!

  5. COLESON CQN YOU JOIN MY CLAN PLS [PH]Berserkers pls join if you like we need members pls pls m8t

  6. Do you guys realise 7:30 base is so fucking rushed..But he looked like a pro rushing it so he can buy inferno and xbow..and he maxed it so it would be awesome thenn..tesla level 1 – _-

  7. cole you should use ur facecam on videos !! it makes it more interesting ? love your videos stay awsome!!!

  8. love the kh music man

  9. Im giving my max th 9 (maxing out walls) for $20 for Xbox. Kik me @ Aidanbaez (Getting bored of clash)

  10. haha

  11. I'm giving away 10 $$ for apple to enter just subscribe and like my video for the cycle hack and leave a comment!!!

  12. Colesons favourite WWE is JOHN CENA!!!!!!!

  13. i love your vids so much keep up the good work cole

  14. i love your vids so much keep up the good work cole

  15. How do i get gems

  16. u scream way too much man…

  17. you got this 15 likes

  18. 3:07 he sounds like oewdiepie for a moment

  19. Who is it tho

  20. CQOTD: Do you think there will ever be a th12 in clash of clans history? If so: When and what do you think it will look Like?