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Clash Of Clans | I’m back!!! | Clash of Clans high end 3*s with Bowlers

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  1. I don't get why supercell would expect you to keep making videos on clash of clans when they aren't actively improving the game. Also what about the money grab with the subtle archer tower upgrades? Just remember, we watch the content because you enjoy making it, so don't feel obligated to stay with supercell games✌️

  2. You echo the voice of the players mate,s.c are running out of idea's fast something needs to change.I am also shocked they booted you,what do they expect you to do continue recycling old..very old content over and over.Nice to see a video from you at least.
    best wishes.

  3. guess who's back back again daddy's back tells friend

  4. its about damn time

  5. The legend is back

  6. I was first??

  7. Glad you are back???

  8. FIRST