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  1. yay! glad your well dude!

  2. u should Play Some Pokemon Go buddy

  3. last night I went to take and there was 750k exilar and 400k gold I got all the gold and 600 k of ecilar

  4. Missed you beak

  5. get well soon Beaker

  6. glad your back

  7. Mine craft pe

  8. bro i found 800k both on my th8 acc, elixer was useless but 500k gold and 600k lix

  9. missed you buddy

  10. Beak, I know you seem keen on not talking about much other than clash.. but to be completely honest we'd love to just hear whats going on with you! lol
    all the best

  11. Yes finally your back

  12. guys i need 3 players to play the final heist on xbox one can any one help me

  13. Beak man take youre time and rest everyonea cool with it

  14. Earlier i found a max th8 with max collecters and it was full.. 700k of both

  15. I found a 600 000 gold and elixir but I was on full gold and elixir

  16. its good to see you back beak

  17. Get well Beak?

  18. Welcome back man! We love yo! :)

  19. Welcome back Beaker I am glad you are doing well.

  20. beak is back!!!!!!!!

  21. Yay happy to hear that <3

  22. I hope cancer gets cancer and dies

  23. great ur back bro!!! good vid

  24. So glad and happy that you're back Beak!!! Love ya ?

  25. Welcome back Beaker, we missed you

  26. omgggg when he moved too hard and hurt himself then have that face, honestly broke my heart! ? stay strong beak! hope you stay healthy buddy!!!!

    glad to see you back!!

    but seriously POKEMON GOOOOO VIDEOS!!!!!

  27. Thank God, u r okay! Upgrade defence bro :)

  28. Welcome back buddy

  29. I love ur vids beak bro love ya

  30. hey buddy ! good to see you back, hope you're doing good ! we're good !

  31. nice to see you back beak!!! cancer sucks!!!

  32. still praying for ya beak 🙂 we r in the same boat

  33. Guess who's back!

  34. Im glad you're okay beak <3

  35. Hey bros Beaker is back

  36. Hi Beak Brazil here !

  37. beaker do a troll attack in war if u can and by the way u rock bro

  38. Glad your back!! Get better keep up the good work!

  39. Good man

  40. Yep…I've got 0.8 millions in a single match in this boost week#th9

  41. I feel like there isn't enough information out there how did you know you had cancer? Were you in pain before? Get well soon mate ???

  42. do overwatch

  43. i find a 1,000,000 gold an 1,000,000 elixer and 6,000 dark

  44. so awesome that you are back! I founded 5k dark from th9 one day

  45. Are you fine buddy

  46. how was your surgery?

  47. im a near max th10 and ive farmed 150k DE with barch lol queen now down for a lullaby again! get well soon beak